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Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois Hope Scholarship! Click Image Below

IASCNAPA College Scholarship 


Applicants for International Association of Sickle Cell Nurses and Professional Associates (IASCNAPA) $500-$1,000 Scholarships must have a form of sickle cell disease and be enrolled in, or have been accepted by a recognized and accredited post- secondary school, including college, university, trade school, or other institution of higher learning.

Applications are accepted from March 1 through July 1 of each year. Awards will be given in August of each year.




College Scholarships Dealing With Sickle Cell Anemia


College is a site created to serve people who are interested in college funding. What makes us unique is that we list a broad array of funding opportunities without asking for information from you. There are no long forms to fill out in order to access our resources. We provide different scholarships to people who are pursuing education and are afflicted with sickle cell disease or some other blood diseases. 

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