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                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE 


                              TaLana Hughes, MPH












Thank you for stopping by! First, let me introduce myself. I am a mother of a 12 year old girl with Sickle Cell Disease "SS" and I work day to day to decrease the barriers and hurdles individuals and their familiies face when trying to access quality care. Second, I would like to congratulate YOU for your continued dedication to stand shoulder to shoulder in helping provide a voice and work effortlessly to ensure that Sickle Cell remains at the forefront of medicine! We are appreciative of our long time supporters and welcome with open arms the new families and friends who have and will continue to join our team. We cannot fight this battle alone. Everything that we do, we do with the best intentions for our families living day to day with a disease that is very unpredictable and painful! It is our hope that you will be an active, engaged and vocal participant in our efforts.


Remember, sickle cell is not a hindrance…it is a lifestyle!



Demetra Gaines- Community Health Worker/Outreach Coordinator (Peoria, IL) -


Yvonne Willliams - Data Coordinator -

Diamontae Hughes, BSCHS- Community Health Worker-

Diamond Hughes, B.S. - Community Health Worker-

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